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I was browsing an application which have a page where few fields are available to alter user account like assigning permissions to user for accessing other resources of application then click Save Button.

Now this Save Button is user role specific which is enabled to super user only and disabled by default is done by CSS class.

When you need this control and does not have role of super user can be accessible with browser developer tools.

Browser Developer tools can be enabled by pressing F12 key from key board, then navigate to DOM Explorer and search for Save button id and remove disabled property along with change name of css class to any random name as shown below:


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Tips & Tricks Visual Studio & VDI

Assalamualaykum Wr Br…
After a long time posting here…was much busy with Eid and other issues…Lets start our journey with the things that I encountered these days…
I was working with VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) system connected to my local desktop. When I lock the system by pressing Windows key + L, my local system gets locked and when I press Ctrl + Alt + Del that populates local system’s Task Manager Screen with other options as well. But when I need to switch VDI’s System Task Manager then I need to press Ctrl +Alt + End ..
normally when we open visual studio, we see code with our line numbers as shown below:
When I want line numbers to be display in Visual studio editor then Go to main menu of visual studio Tools –> Options –>Text Editors –> All Languages –> General Line Number CheckBox Check it. as shown below:

After checking the box then observe the visual studio editor with line number in each line….

hope it helped anyone or atleast to me…have a good day…:)

Excel file Techniques…

Assalamualaykum Wr Br…
A nice and cute trick with excel I found quite interesting and thought to share it and here it is:
1. I have a excel file as shown below:
2. Need to append single quote at the begining and end of the data as ‘Aejaaz’..Which can be done as:
a. Click any cell(here I clicked B1 cell). And write the formula in formula bar as =”‘”& F1& “‘” and hit enter key.
b. Now drag the B cell and get the result as expected as shown below:
Jazakallah Khair…

Debugging an Application for long run…

Assalamualikum Wr Br…I was asked to look for settings to increase the timings of debugging from being time-outs when debugging a huge application. So in response to such situation I thought of posting it which would help to all.

Consider an application is being debugged as shown below:
From the above image we conclude that a file named “RouteConfig.cs” possess a BREAKPOINT in method RegisterRoutes. Similarly we may have BREAKPOINTS in various files and methods, debugging these all may some time returns a dialog like as shown:

This situation caused because of the fact that the debugger(breakpoints) stopped execution of code on the Web site. This caused Internet Information Services (IIS) to assume that the worker process had stopped responding. Therefore, IIS terminated the worker process.

To continue to debug, you must configure IIS to allow the worker process to continue. This error message does not appear with versions of IIS that are older than IIS 7.
To configure IIS 7 to allow the worker process to continue

Open the Administrative Tools window.

Click Start, and then choose Control Panel.

In Control Panel, choose Switch to Classic View, if necessary, and then double-click Administrative Tools.

In the Administrative Tools window, double-click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

IIS Manager opens.

In the Connections pane, expand the node if necessary.

Under the node, click Application Pools.

In the Application Pools list, right-click the name of the pool your application runs in, and then click Advanced Settings.

In the Advanced Settings dialog box, locate the Process Model section, and perform one of the following actions:

Set Ping Enabled to False.

Set Ping Maximum Response Time to a value that is larger than 90 seconds.

Setting Ping Enabled to False stops IIS from checking whether the worker process is still running and keeps the worker process alive until you stop your debugged process. Setting Ping Maximum Response Time to a large value allows IIS to continue monitoring the worker process.

Click OK to close the Advanced Settings dialog box.

Close IIS Manager and the Administrative Tools window. The brief screen shot is shown as:


For me it is TRUE just set to FALSE…

Hope you enjoyed this post…Thanks

Jazakallah Khair

Testing Webservice using Visual studio 2010 SoapUI

Assalamualaykum Wr Br…
SoapUI is a powerful tool to interact with webservices,WCF RESTFul and many other services. In our previous post we have implemented Calculator WCF service which we tested using Visual Studio Integrated Tool named WCF TEST Client. Now the same tool yet with high features is SoapUI. The following screen shows how soapUI looks like:
Now click the file from main menu->New Generic Project, the following screen appears:
Specify the Project Name as “Calci” and Initial WSDL/WADL: here paste the base address from the WCF_Calculator service and append “?wsdl” as shown in above image. Then click OK that results a new appearance as shown. Please Note that the WCF service needs to be running.
Now specify the inputs to ADD method of WCF service to SoapUI for processing the result in ? and ? replace ? with values as shown in above figure and the click the play button which process the inputs and displays the result in response window adjacent to it.
Thaks alot…Will update you with lot of stuff in upcoming posts till the have a Good Day….

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