Error which Smitten you in Hell….

Assalamualaykum Wr Br…I was struck in an error stating as “Cannot evaluate expression because we are stopped in a place where garbage collection is impossible, possibly because the code of the current method may be optimized” made me sooo confusing….Tried to find solution but in vain…Finally with the grace of Almighty this issue resolved…At that instant thought to share it with all which would be helpful to at least one..
My scenario was to pass four arguments from Business Layer to Data layer calling Oracle package.procedure…
These four parameters were supplied in a manner other than mentioned in data layer oracle package.procedure….
To easily understand, Consider the parameters that I was passing to oracle package as:
1. Status_id
2. Dealer_id
3. Status
4. Record_date_time
But these parameter were aligned in oracle package was as shown below:
1. Status_id
2. Status
3. Dealer_id
4. Record_date_time
This improper passing of parameters resulted the error…When traced and corrected the parameters then Error gone…Hope Helpful…


Testing Webservice using Visual studio 2010 SoapUI

Assalamualaykum Wr Br…
SoapUI is a powerful tool to interact with webservices,WCF RESTFul and many other services. In our previous post we have implemented Calculator WCF service which we tested using Visual Studio Integrated Tool named WCF TEST Client. Now the same tool yet with high features is SoapUI. The following screen shows how soapUI looks like:
Now click the file from main menu->New Generic Project, the following screen appears:
Specify the Project Name as “Calci” and Initial WSDL/WADL: here paste the base address from the WCF_Calculator service and append “?wsdl” as shown in above image. Then click OK that results a new appearance as shown. Please Note that the WCF service needs to be running.
Now specify the inputs to ADD method of WCF service to SoapUI for processing the result in ? and ? replace ? with values as shown in above figure and the click the play button which process the inputs and displays the result in response window adjacent to it.
Thaks alot…Will update you with lot of stuff in upcoming posts till the have a Good Day….

All is well