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I was browsing an application which have a page where few fields are available to alter user account like assigning permissions to user for accessing other resources of application then click Save Button.

Now this Save Button is user role specific which is enabled to super user only and disabled by default is done by CSS class.

When you need this control and does not have role of super user can be accessible with browser developer tools.

Browser Developer tools can be enabled by pressing F12 key from key board, then navigate to DOM Explorer and search for Save button id and remove disabled property along with change name of css class to any random name as shown below:


Thats all for the day.




Asp.Net Ajax Accoridian Control

Assalamualaykum Wr Br…Today we explore the Asp.Net Ajax Accordian Control. Before we explore in to it, lets understand few points about Ajax. Ajax stand for:
A – Asynchronous
J – Javascript
A – And
X – Xml

The Accordion is a web control that allows you to provide multiple panes and display them one at a time. It is like having several CollapsiblePanels where only one can be expanded at a time. The Accordion is implemented as a web control that contains AccordionPane web controls. Each AccordionPane control has a template for its Header and its Content. We keep track of the selected pane so it stays visible across postbacks. Lets quickly start POC of it as shown below:

Drag drop the Script Manager from tool box of the Visual studio then drag and drop accordian control from ajax tool tab. Under tags of accordian control provide <panes&> tags and specify or drag and drop accordianpane controls and under which, you find header and contents tags where specify the header to be displayed and content to be displayed on click to header whose pocs are shown below:
The output of the above pocs are shown: