Creating Report Headers and Footers In SSRS.


Today we learn how to create SSRS Report Headers and Footers which are pretty easy but remember SSRS have Report Header only but not Page Headers as available in Crystal Reports.

Let’s quickly make a sample report with Header and Footer. Right click anywhere in report and click  Add Page Header and type the header as you wish by adding textbox in it as shown below:




Now let’s create page footer by clicking on Add Page Footer. Here too can be added text box and type the text as you want. But I want Date on right bottom side, page no. on left bottom side of page to be displayed.

To achieve it we need to add formula fields in the text boxes added in page footer also I made some more changes to report by right clicking in Report Header section and then selecting Header Properties and fill the background color as dark green and repeated the same for report footer as shown below:



That’s it for the day..Enjoy

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