SQL Server Reporting Service(SSRS) 

Assalamualaykum wr br

I was working with migration of crystal reports to SSRS. There are much differences in these two reporting strategies which I am going to focus here.

1.  Crystal report would have report header and report footer which displayed on whole report. In addition to it page header and footer does have.

2. SSRS would have only page header and footer which will be displayed on every page. SSRS page header and footer works like report header and footer.

3. To have page header in SSRS report we need to perform some actions which are as follows:

Select a column header, at below there is a columns table with drop down click it which shows advance view,click it which displays static headers next to it. Click the static and press f4 key which displays properties of tablix member there at last a property repeat on every page set it to true and select after option.