Working with Hadoop 2.7.3

Assalamualaykum Wr Br..:)

Today we discuss about stuff in hadoop 2.7.3

  1. To Know the version of hadoop installed in your system then user the below command  $ hadoop versionhadoopversion
  2. Start the Hadoop using command $
  3. Know the status of Java virtual Machine process status from command $ JPS
  4. Create a text file in home directory with command as gedit aejaaz.txt and write some data in it and save then close it.
  5. Now moving this file in hdfs using command $ hdfs dfs -put /aejaaz.txt /inputjps
  6. The Above image shows result of all commands stated above.
  7. Find the count of all words in files using hadoop predefined wordcount mapreduce program. Note: at first type hadoop then type jar then path of   wordcount
  8. Now lets start exploring it in web browser from url http://localhost:50070namenodeThats it for today..!!!  Jazakallah khair

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