Installing Hadoop ZooKeeper

Assalamualaykum Wr Br..:)

Today we discuss about the required steps to install Zookeeper on Ubuntu.

  1. Open the terminal using Ctrl + Shift + T
  2. Download the Zoo Keeper package using wget command from the link:                             $ wget   
  3. Unzip the downloaded package using command: $ tar -xvf zookeeper-3.4.8.tar.gz
  4. Open the bashrc file and update the file with zookeeper home location using the command $ gedit ~/.bashrc   add the following lines
  5. #zookeeper_home
    export ZOOKEEPER_HOME = /home/<system_name>/zookeeper-3.4.8

    #zookeeper_home end
  6. To verify correctness of bashrc file, run the bashrc file using command
    $ source ~/.bashrc
  7. Finally close the terminal to refresh all the updates to affect then open new terminal and execute the following command:
    $ start
    which displays the information as follows:
    Zookeeper JMX enabled by default..
    Starting Zookeeper….STARTED

Thats it..Thank for the day..:) enjoy Technology.

Jazakallah Khair.

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