Installing Sqoop Hadoop in Ubuntu

Assalamualikum Wr Br..:)

In this post am going to discuss the installation steps very precisely on Ubuntu OS. In subsequent posts I will share what it is actually and what functions does it performs and how. Lets get start now..:)

1 .Download the Hadoop Sqoop software binary version from the following link:

Click the above link. It might be downloaded in your local system Downloads directory.

1.a. You can also download from Ubuntu OS terminal by following command:

$ wget

with the above command Sqoop binary version is downloaded.

2. Extract the package and move it to home location where hadoop components exists.

2.a. mv

3. Copy and paste the sqoop-env-template.cmd and name the file as

4. Open the bashrc file and update the file with Sqoop home value as shown below:

4.a $ gedit ~/.bashrc  (opens file in editor)

4.b #sqoop home

export SQOOP_HOME=


save the file and close then from terminal run the bashrc file to verify the file is error free from the command $ source ~/.bashrc

5. from the terminal hit the command as sqoop-version which displays the current sqoop version which is just installed on your system.

Thats it..Happy Learning..


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