Installing Hadoop PIG

Assalamualaykum Wr Br..:)

Today we discuss about the installation of PIG on Ubuntu environment.

  1. Download the PIG from the following link either from web browser or from terminal
  2. To download from terminal use wget
  3. After download extract the files and place it on home environment of hadoop.
  4. Open bashrc file from the command gedit ~/.bashrc then add the pig home variables as#pig_home

export PIG_HOME=/home/aejaaz/pig-0.16.0

export PATH=$PATH:$PIG_HOME/bin


5. Run the bashrc file to verify the just add variables are not conflicting, to do it, just type the command source /.bashrc

6. Now type Pig on your terminal then grunt shell will be opened which makes sure PIG is installed properly on system. To quit from grunt shell just type command quit.

Thats all for the Day…

Jazakallah khair.


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