Asp.Net Dropdown Control items from Database

Assalamualaykum Wr Br…Today we explore dropdown control list items binding from database table on to UI. Before we quick start, there are few properties that we need to remember when dealing with Dropdown controls. They are:
1. DataTextField
2. DataValueField
3. DataSource
4. DataBind
There are many other properties like selectedIndex, IndexChanged but we focus on above.
Lets start the POC:
I just drag & drop the Dropdownlist control from toolbox on form beside Qualification label. The items of this dropdownlist should be populated from Table Register and column Qualification. To accomplish it, I write Sql Query as: select qualification from register in sqlcommand class or sqldataadapter as shown below:
As I need dropdownlist to be populated on page_load hence I am calling method filldropdown
In filldropdown method,sqlconnection is established then sqldataadapter executes the query fetches data and fills in dataset which becomes datasource to dropdownlist and finally binds to it. The above code produces following output:
One thing to be noted is that all items are being populated from database, if we comment the statement Dropdownlist1.AppendDataBoundItems=true.
If we uncomment it then it is possible to add items manually to dropdownlist which is done by statement as dropdownlist1.items.add(“”); whose output is shown as:
Jazakallah khair…thats all for the day…

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