Tips & Tricks Visual Studio & VDI

Assalamualaykum Wr Br…
After a long time posting here…was much busy with Eid and other issues…Lets start our journey with the things that I encountered these days…
I was working with VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) system connected to my local desktop. When I lock the system by pressing Windows key + L, my local system gets locked and when I press Ctrl + Alt + Del that populates local system’s Task Manager Screen with other options as well. But when I need to switch VDI’s System Task Manager then I need to press Ctrl +Alt + End ..
normally when we open visual studio, we see code with our line numbers as shown below:
When I want line numbers to be display in Visual studio editor then Go to main menu of visual studio Tools –> Options –>Text Editors –> All Languages –> General Line Number CheckBox Check it. as shown below:

After checking the box then observe the visual studio editor with line number in each line….

hope it helped anyone or atleast to me…have a good day…:)

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