Sample Web Appplication To Test * in Test Box

Assalamualaykum Wr Br…Today we build a simple web application which checks the input given by user in textbox whether it contains an Asterik in the text or not..Lets Quick start our tour by Creating New ASP.NET Web Application, to be simple Drag & Drop a textbox and Button. Code the following code as shown below:

the Indexof() function returns integer of the position of an argument specified as parameter of the method IndexOf(). Consider an example,
String a=”Nabil”;
Label1.Text= a.IndexOf(‘N’); // returns 0 as index starts from 0.
a.IndexOf(‘i’); // returns 3 as index starts from 0.

The output of the given Code above is shown as below:
hope enjoyed this simple app…till then Allah Hafiz…


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