jQuery Series 3

Assalamualaykum wr br…Today we are going to explore the jQuery a bit more…Now lets start with the html code as shown below:
Now associated jQuery file can be written as below:
Now here we observe a keyword ‘this’ which does not need to be in double quotes and refers to the current clicked selection. Execute the code and experience the changes…Hope enjoyed….
Now lets look it in a little bit deep…
I specify the ‘unbind’ method which releases all the actions associated with selectors whose jQuery code is shown as below:
This ‘unbind’ method allows all events to be deactivate on selector ‘h1’.
Now I specify a parameter in unbind(“mouseleave”) which allows mouseleave event to get deactivate for all other events(actions). A sample output is given as shown below:
Thats all for the day…Enjoy….

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