My Angular 1


My first Angular Program which includes :

Basic directive for angularjs to execute is ng-app.  Angularjs looks for ng-app directive and then proceed with execution else will not pickup the code and expression does not gets evaluated  that is handled by browser considering as plain text.

In Angular {{———–}} is referred as expression.

Angular is not responsible in div which is outside scope of ng-app.

If angular ng-app is appended in body then this is applicable to the entire  body of page.


Consider the same above program where there are two divs elements and first bind with Angular and other is independent whose expression value is not evaluated and displays the same.


The output of the above program is shown below:


Now when ng-app directive is used in body element of page then all divs are effective under ng-app directive.

Now lets look on arrays in angular.


The output of this program is as follows:


in the last div we specified 1==2 expression for which Angular is returning false.

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Unable to start debugging on the web server.

Most times we observe the error while debugging with visual studio. Error dialog box says:

Unable to start debugging on the web server. The iis worker process for the launched URL is not currently running.

There are multiple work around available but which works me is as follows :

Open IIS manager click authentication – > enable Windows Authentication.

Restart IIS and now start visual studio open solution and start debugging your application.

One last step if still issue continues is try changing your application pool.



Report data Explorer is like solution Explorer which is available in visual studio. Report data have awesome stuff which is very basic to build reports which db queries linked. This will have few things

1.Built-in Fields



4.Data Sources


This can be accessed from main menu view – >Report Data. There are several scenarios where this option will not be seen hence there is a short cut key board commands helpful to access it.

Shift +Alt+D.

1. Selenium


Today we focus on Selenium simple program which open Browser and redirects to using language code.

  1. Open Visual Studio and Create new Console Application also add references of OpenQA dlls as shown below:Selenium_1

Click on Add Reference then following window appears where you need to browse and add reference.Selenium_2

Start writing the below code which opens browser.


when you execute this program you may encountered error as below:


This is because geckodriver is not available in bin/debug directory of project which needs to be downloaded from site and paste it in /bin/debug/ directory of project.

Once you execute it you may find the page as below:



That’s all for the day.




Invalid parameter binding

You may encounter this error when you provide parameter/parameters type in your application data access files mismatch with the actual parameter/parameters type of database procedure.

For example, there is a parameter name model in data access file with type raw which is actually varchar type in database procedure.

Hence encountered invalid parameter binding which can be corrected when

changing type from raw to string in data access file.

That’s all for the day.

Resolved: … is not allowed here because it does not extend class “System. Web. UI. Page”

Whenever you see such error while building websites, web applications or migration from previous versions to higher where mostly encounters.

Don’t panic it is pretty simple but needs attention.

The issue is only in one line of code where you find page directive.

To be more specific I mostly observe this error encountered because of inherits attribute of page directive tag of markup page.

For an instance, adding a aspx page to existing project having multiple directories like registration, sales, services, logs, geographies.

I need to add aspx page to geographies directory of web project. To do it I just right click on geographies directory and click add new item then give name to it and save.

Before you start execution have a look on page directive where you may find improper directive, may be as below:

<%language =vb code behind = page name. Aspx. Vb inherits =forex. Webapp. Pagename. Aspx%>

And this causes error as mentioned in title of post. To get rid of it, it is needed to verify the line as below

<%language =vb code behind = page name. Aspx. Vb inherits =forex. Webapp. Geographies. Pagename. Aspx%>

Hope it may be useful to other geeks.